Goats Milk Soap Day

Goats Milk Soap Day

I wish I could say that the goat's milk I used was from own goats which were hand raised on my idyllic farm...but I can't. However, I did buy high-quality local goats milk and I'm pretty sure my soaps don't know the difference. 

I froze the goat's milk overnight in icecube trays and it was perfect this morning to give it a go. It was beautiful sunny Sunday morning here and I threw open the patio doors and let the crisp fall air in while I organized my ingredients. I also had the house to myself so I put on one of my favorite Halloween movies, The Woman In Black. Is that weird? probably...

First up I made my White Tea & Ginger Goats Milk soap. I love the smell of the oils and used olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil along with the goat's milk for a really healthy enriched and moisturizing combination. It traced up beautifully and as I poured it into the molds, the fragrance was amazing. I used small individual loaf molds, really pretty.

Next up was my Honey, Oatmeal, Beeswax and  Goats Milk Soap. I decided to add apricot kernel oil and a little honey to my oil base for its skin-loving properties. The fragrance is so fresh and yummy. I decided to keep these on the smaller side, about palm sized and used the cutest molds that have bee motifs on them. 

They have been put to bed now and I plan to unmold them tomorrow. I'll post some photos of them when they are ready. The soaps will take about three weeks to cure and then they will be good to go. 

Sweet Dreams!