Goats Milk Soap Update

Goats Milk Soap Update

Another beautiful Sunday here on the west coast. I was up early and out the door for my favorite Starbucks creation and to run a few errands and then on to the Goats Milk soap that's been waiting to be unmolded. The soap unmolded easily and has a good feel in my hand, I can tell it's going to be good after it cures. I really like how the molds turned out, they are super cute!

I decided to make my olive oil soap with a rose gold mica swirl on top which is quite pretty. This one I decided to add a fragrance to and as it was so sunny and crisp here today I made a berries and thyme scent for a fall theme.

I made more Goats Milk Soap and used my loaf molds for those. The soap looked really good as I poured it into the molds, looks like the trace was just right. These I decided to scent with a citrus basil combination, cool and refreshing. When these are ready to slice I`ll post some photos.

I gathered all my personal candles holders that needed to be refilled and got out the soy wax and now I have some good as new candles that smell of honey and vanilla to keep with my fall theme. I didn`t plan out a fall theme today, its just the way things went!

I hope you had a wonderful day!