About Us

Welcome to BeeBalm Designs! 

I have always been interested in natural healthcare since my first job working in a health food store in the mid-seventies as a teenager.

What started out as a personal interest has grown over the years into an idea for this company which we started up in August 2016. I wanted to take my love of high-quality personal care products and turn it into a thriving business.

What was I waiting for...maybe the right time?  Maybe I am a little bit wiser now that I have more life experience behind me, and realize that dreams cannot wait for the right time. The right time is now, wherever you are, in whatever circumstance...just do it! 

I strongly believe that there are no shortcuts to produce excellent products. We use the highest quality oils and ingredients, always!

You deserve the very best of everything, soap won't change the world but it can make you feel wonderful!  

We are based in beautiful Surrey, British Columbia.